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ALL FILMS deserve quality marketing - not just Hollywood productions. We've seen our fair share of BAD MOVIE TRAILERS, and we're sure you have to. That's why we want to offer professional-level TEASER/TRAILER PRODUCTION to INDEPENDENT filmmakers, production companies, and content creators that rival those you see at the theatre at a fraction of the price.

We believe a good trailer entices the viewer, leaves them wanting more, and communicates the style, tone, and subject of the film WITHOUT giving away major plots or the THIRD ACT!

If you agree with us, then perhaps we should be in business! So whether you have a short film, feature film, web series, or other video project that you want to premiere, we want to help you market it like the big boys.

The art of the trailer

We don't just watch trailers, we dissect them. While Hollywood marketing agencies are worried about consumer dollars and eyeball tracking, we care about the filmmaker's intent, because we are filmmakers ourselves. As cinematographers, directors, actors, and editors, we are passionate about presenting work that showcases all of these facets while - again - NOT giving away anything that would ruin the integrity of the movie. We won't want to just make something that sells tickets, but we want trailers that our peers will look back on, at the end of the year, and say, "Boy...that was an awesome trailer."

Bottom line: We're thinking about what YOU want, not what a studio or distributor would want.

Because we're such fans of trailers, and movies in general, we KNOW what gets our juices flowing. Our goal is always to create a product that excites us first, and not something beholden to quadrents or demographics. If the trailer doesn't make US want to see the movie, then we're doing it wrong, and we don't like to be wrong.


Main Trailer



Our trailers are handcrafted, sustainably sourced, and custom built-to-order for every customer. We are a NO TEMPLATE ESTABLISHMENT, meaning we make sure every teaser or trailer is made from scratch for a more savory experience. Our goal is delivering the highest quality theatrical experience, even on your phone, for people who really love movies. To achieve this, our approach is simplicity and balance; however, our secret sauce, we'll never tell...

Our Ingredients:

  • 1-3 minute trailer
  • 2 Revisions
  • Sound Design
  • Color Grading
  • Subtitles & Overlays
  • Custom Billing Block
  • Secret Sauce


:15 or :30 Spot

After finalizing your trailer, we will also edit an extra 15 or 30 second spot, based on your needs, utilizing the same elements for the main trailer.


Version B & C

Resembling the main trailer in everything from structure, sound, and major beats, but differing in focus of shots. Think "character" trailers or "hero and villain" versions. Only two allowed for a maximum of 3 trailers. If you want more versions after B & C, it will be another add-on.


Voice Over

If determined during the consultation that VO will be part of the project, we will work with you on the script, audition a VO Artist, and implement the VO into the final trailer.



Never underestimate the power of GIFS for your social media account. These can be taken directly from the trailer, or we can utilize the clips and footage provided to create some. These will include any subtitles or watermarks necessary to promote the film.


Vertical Reframing

We will take the existing trailer, final & approved, and reframe it in a vertical format (for use on TikTok or similar social media site) making sure all action is centered as necessary. If there are multiple versions of the trailer, then it is an additional cost for each one.


Extra Revision

For any revisions required after the final has already been delivered. Can also be used once project is complete if, for instance, you got accepted into multiple festivals and want to add laurels to your trailer.



get started

how it works

Initial Consultation
Once you fill out the following questionnaire, we'll get back to you ASAP to set up a time for us to chat. This consultation is necessary to understand your needs, the film, and to figure out our approach. We will also go over any limitations or expectations for distribution, going over exactly what we are providing.
Gather Materials
We'll send you a link to a drive where you can upload all the material we'll need to get started. This could include, but isn't limited to, the entire film (without score or with stems), Clips or Scenes, possible tracks from the score, any licensed music, logos + laurels, and documents relating to subtitle copy, billing block, or other material.
Music/VO Search
If we are not using any existing score or previously licensed tracks, we will need to take the time to find the right music to suit the projects needs. We have a couple of sites available to us that can help us with this, but as with the entirety of the project, we will utilize a mix of the music and SFX and not be held to a previously determined template. Per the consultation, we'll also have discussed licenses, which could be an extra cost. (If added-on, we will also search for our VO Artist here.)
Build Structure
The first draft of the video will explore structure and story. This will resemble the final trailer as discussed in the consultation; however - Text, any necessary color grading, or additional sound design may be roughed in, while hopefully giving an idea of the final product.
Implement First Round of Notes
Assuming we are still on the same page, we will implement any notes on structure (perhaps shots that were missing that you wanted, beats you want taken out, etc.) Plus finalize text, color, and sound to bring it closer to final product.
Oopsies or Missed Opportunities
The next version of the video should be as close to final as possible, but there are always chances that we missed something. Did we forget to credit the director in the billing block? Is the actor's name spelled correctly? Does a shot include something confidential and we need to replace it altogether? This is our chance to go through it with a fine tooth comb and fix all these mistakes before delivering the final.
Additional Revisions or Add-Ons
Beyond finalizing the main trailer, if there were additional add-purchased before this point, we will also finalize those as well based on notes. Moreover, if there are more revisions required that we did not anticipate, we will implement those options here.
Final Delivery
You will get two versions of the final video (as well as any add-ons). One: Full-resolution, Prores, with stems, for use in archiving or re-rendering at your discretion. Two: Low-Resolution, H.264, internet ready for uploading to your social media channels.
We promote your new trailer on our sites and newsletters, and hopefully we'll see you in theatres very - very soon!


As detailed or as vague as you want to be for this. Give us an idea of your film through your viewpoint.
Provide us with some links of your favorite film trailers, or trailers you may want to emulate or are inspired by. Include details as to what you like or don't like about the trailers and what elements you are wanting to incorporate. actually want one?!! Well it's in our inbox now. I guess we gotta put our money where our mouth is. Looking forward to working with you. We'll reach out soon.
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