Our contractors come from all walks of life. Jacks of all trades. One man bands. We treat our crewmembers like family because they are. We don't just want to work with these people, we also want to create and collaborate with them. We push each other in life and in passions and this is how we continue growing beyond our individual capabilities.

equal rates.

livable wages.

Most production companies cut corners by widening the pay disparity and giving their lowest heirarchy crewmembers (see also: Production Assistants) the least amount possible. We combat this by lessening this gap, by raising our PA rates and lowering the department head rates, and often cut our own rates down so others can thrive.

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...Not just for the wealthy or the privileged. We do everything in our power to fit your budgets within the constraints of a budget while not sacrificing our other beliefs. That's why we offer discounts where we can and take on jobs when we really believe in them. In cases where we might still be deemed "unaffordable" we will work with you to find someone we trust who might suit your needs from within our team on a smaller capacity.