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As you have already noticed, the filmmaking industry is constantly evolving, and that hasn't been more apparent than in Hollywood's new reliance on emerging technology for casting. As the radius ever expands in search of local talent, so to does the emerging actor need to expand their skills in order to stay in front of Casting Directors. In order to "get into the room" actors must master - and invest in - cameras, lighting, sound, and editing; which they never had to worry about before. The main talent that you want to convey - your performance - can get lost based on factors that - frankly - were never supposed to be under your control. That's why we're trying to provide services that are affordable, match everything CD's are looking for, and take the pressure off the actor so that they can focus on the one thing they should.


Our Founder Mattias is an actor FIRST. He has spent years trying to understand what Casting Directors want, all while perfecting his skills in cinematography, editing, and direction. When you go with us, you're not only getting a trained actor who is passionate about bringing out a performance, but a technical setup that has grown from a need to make his own video auditions stand out. We invest in every person who walks into our studio, because we believe your performance will also reflect back on us. We care about YOUR tape the same way we would care about OUR tapes.


Every session includes whatever amount of coaching, script breakdowns, and takes that you may need - full stop. After all, you could do this at home, but you're choosing us for our opinions and expertise, so why would we charge extra for services that should come standard? Not only that, but our session times start only after the first time we press the record button, so you don't have to feel rushed as soon as you walk into the door.

30 minute session

For those who have already put in a good amount of prep, and just want to get a few takes on tape and get out.


60 minute session

When you need the full sh-bang. Check out the How It Works section to get a better idea of what to expect.


tight turnaround (<6 hrs) 2-hr Session

When you have an audition due by end of the day. We'll give you a full service plus make sure you walk out with a video audition ready to send.


on location

This price is "in addition to" your session fee above. For when you want us to come to you, or meet at a location outside of studio.



If you are handling your audition at home, or you don't have time to come to the studio, but just need a reader (Virtual or in person) we're there for you.


Virtual Callback

For any audition that we have submitted you for, we offer our tech services for the best virtual call-back you could ever have. We'll block off an hour, but there is no time limit, as we understand it's not always up to you how long these things take.



monthly plans

Further examples of how we're evolving with the times, we are also offering paid subscriptions to allow even more flexibility and affordability to all actors on every stage of their journey. Unlike your a-la-carte options above, if you're a paid subscriber your session times DO NOT EXPIRE if they go unused. Yup, just like your cingular wireless plan in the early aughts, these minutes rollover each month!* All sessions come with full resolution copies of your audition for archiving purposes, plus we'll keep your project on file in perpetuity. In addition to this, you get guaranteed same-day turnaround, a free virtual reader whenever you need one, and call-back sessions at no additional cost**. As with normal sessions, your time doesn't start until we press record for the first time, and ends the final time we call cut.


First Month Starting @ $85

For the actor who may be just starting out, or who preps accordingly in order to minimize their time in studio. Bank unused minutes for those big auditions, and save on smaller sessions knowing your minutes aren't going to waste.

  • 180 Total Session Minutes per month
  • Free Virtual Reader & Callbacks
  • Tight Turnaround Auditions for $30


First Month Starting @ $170

For the working actor who has a handful of auditions each month, and loves taking the time to make sure each character is unique and every tape has impact. Allows the time for variations and more involved direction. Two hour sessions are also available at no extra cost.

  • 480 Total Session Minutes per month
  • Free Virtual Reader & Callbacks
  • Tight Turnaround Auditions at No Extra Cost
  • 'On Location' fee waived.


First Month Starting @ $250

For the established actor who wants the time to get every audition right. When you book an audition, we'll slot out the rest of the day for you so you can spend as much time as you need getting your performance right. When combined with on-location fees being waived, we could potentially shoot an entire short film for your audition.

  • Unlimited session minutes per month
  • Free Virtual Reader & Callbacks
  • Tight Turnaround Auditions at No Extra Cost
  • 'On Location' fee waived.
  • Full Day Booking when required.***
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*If you cancel a subscription, all unused minutes will be held for a maximum of one (1) year. You cannot use these minutes without a subscription. If re-subscribed, all unused minutes will be available on account.
**Callback sessions only apply to auditions where we filmed your initial audition. If filming/attending a callback for an audition we did not initially film, it will count towards your subscriber minutes, or be the original cost, respectively.
***If Auditions were already booked prior to your booking, then we will blackout all other hours that are available and work you around the schedule, or we will schedule you a day that is completely free.

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Book a session using the following form. If booking a session with a tight turnaround, please use the 2 hour option below. Once you have booked a session we will reach out via email with location information, additional requests, and contact info. If you are having trouble finding a session time that matches your availability, or you have a circumstance which requires you to book immediately, please contact us using the button below.


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